Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of ARA Petroleum's commitment to society, inherited from the long-standing commitments of our parent company, The Zubair Corporation. The nature of ARA’s business means the company’s operations can have a significant impact on the inhabitants near operating locations and all ARA personnel are committed to this impact being positive.

Within Oman the company is engaging inhabitants and businesses near operating locations to provide locally sourced services where possible. ARA Petroleum is steadfast in its intention, wherever possible, to enable the economic fruits of the oil and gas industry to benefit all stakeholders.

In ARA’s international operations the company is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards to minimize the impact of the company’s work on local inhabitants while ensuring the maximum possible economic benefit is retained in the locale through engagement with locally sourced products and services.

ARA Petroleum is further committed to employing and developing young Omani talent and facilitating their mentorship by some of the international oil and gas industry’s leading experts.

Fostering economic development through private enterprise has been influential during the rise of the Oman over the past five decades, and ARA Petroleum is confident more can be done and is proud to supplement the ongoing activities of The Zubair Corporation in this important regard.